Airblush, Your New Everyday Flush

Sunnies Face is known for its Fluffmattes but it’s time you try their recently released product, Airblush! If you’re a fan of multi-use products—get ready because you’re gonna love this! The buildable cheek tint can be used on your cheeks, your eyes, and even your lips. With its sheer consistency, you can build the color on just the right areas you want. 

The ultra chic compact is perfectly packaged in the same shade it carries. The compact packaging also comes with a handy mirror so you can definitely retouch throughout the day. Rocking the monochromatic look has never been as easy and effortless with Sunnies Face. But if you’ve been wondering which shade to get, we’ll happily walk you through the collection.

The perfect baby pink 

A striking mauve pink

A touch of terracotta

The perfect sun-kissed tan


A tint of burnt sienna

The right amount of red
There you have it! We know it might take a little more contemplating before you can decide but hey if in doubt you can always just try more!